Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best Exclusive Upper East Side Ceremony

Sunday night I participated in the 65th Annual Lighting of the Trees at the Old Brick Church on Park Avenue. This is a major social event that must be secret because I'd never heard of it before. What happens is all the dear people of Park Avenue gather in the middle of their avenue outside the Old Brick Church, sing carols, participate in a prayer or two, and then gasp as their fine trees are lit for the season. If you live on Park Ave and did not gather outside the church for this event it is probably because you were having a party and watched from your window.

The Old Brick Church and the masses of washed and groomed humanity.

An example of a lit Park Avenue tree:

And the best way to spread Christmas cheer?

An observation: So many people singing carols (the Christmas hymn variety, actually) off their iphones. Come on, people. If you'd just go to church you'd know the words and wouldn't look so embarrassing.

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