Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Best Intermission

For a working man like myself, sometimes you just don't have the time post 70 pictures from your first full day in Rio...but maybe tonight I will?

For now, I'd like to address an important comment that was left by Jeff M. yesterday:

I need more. I hope you slept with your camera down your pants because that is what I would steal. I might steal it when you are in town for Christmas.

I assume Jeff intends to steal my M8, which he met when I was in Chicago this summer. But I didn't bring my M8 to Rio, I brought my trusty old D-Lux2. It was a decision that I agonized over continually until my trip, but now I know the right decision portability/simplicity/videomaking/and inconspicuousness-wise.

I tell you this so that, as you look at my pictures, you do not say "looks like Brigham's new camera fell off" but perhaps say, from time to time, "Hey, lookin' good for a 4 year old point and shoot."

Okay, glad I got that cleared up.

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Side of Jeffrey said...

Thanks...I didn't want to say anything, but I was thinking that maybe expensive cameras don't make a difference. I was a fool to think that.