Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Danger Supplement #4

This Danger Supplement might be too intense for some readers, so you'll have to click on the links to see how bad things were.

Since we were hiking to Lopez Mendez I wore sneakers and socks. I lotioned up good for the day. But when I got to the beach I took off those sneakers and socks and spent the frolicking in the bright sun without a lick of protection upon my feet.

The result? A pair of fully baked hams. (click for grossness)

I nearly couldn't walk on them, the swelling and pain was astounding--they were so swollen I couldn't feel my bones. Good thing we spent the whole next day in water. Good thing that maybe I decided to bring certain mighty painkillers along for the trip.

And now they're all better. But the peeling was incredible. (click for more grossness)

Also, after we went swimming in the nice cool pool in the rain forest, Chateau's hands got real wrinkly. Really wrinkly. The hands of a dead man. (click for zombie hands)


Cindy said...

Dry heaving.

sarah said...

Baked ham is an excellent description. Spot on.

bug girl said...

You succeeded in grossing me out. Doesn't happen often when I read blogs. But you did a nice job. Thanks.