Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best This Was My Chicago Christmas

I went home for about a week for some good times at home.

Christmas night, why's everyone on the phone? Why's everyone smiling on the phone?

It's because...
...they're talking with Greg.

This is a picture of me from the end of my senior year of high school that my buddy Nate Ewald took of me. I'm enjoying my favorite food at my favorite location. It was a high-concept shoot that Nate put together. Click on it, for crying out loud. For crying out loud, click on all the pictures.

Christmas night, late night: Two Towers with Owen.

Day after of Christmas, waiting to get in the car...

Bundling ourselves up against the elements

To head downtown to enjoy the only good movie of 2009.

Oh Chicago, your miraculous streets, they go on for miles

Finished the 26th off with a Las Fuentes dinner to see if we could get a baby to put nachos all over her face.

And then, on Monday, had some Culvers with Kristen and Cory

Like I said, I had my Culvers with Kristen and Cory. Also, Owen was there. We had been returning sweaters at the mall.

Monday afternoon: Took a family walk. Except some of us absolutely refused to participate because they wanted to watch Empire Strikes Back so bad. Guess I can relate.

Just brothers and sisters walking around out in the cold.

And Dad, too.

Ellie refused to be portraited

Not even a little

But look who has her eye on me now!

The dog came along too. She was well-tended.

There's Mom. This post is a chiasmus.

And then the next morning I flew home to New York so I can concentrate on finishing my Brazil posts.


Kristen said...

Good job capturing the mom talking to Greg moment.

JanuskieZ said...

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Side of Caitlin said...

Looks like a good time was had. Too bad that we missed you! Thanks for letting use your toilet...even if you weren't there to truly allow it.