Thursday, May 21, 2009

Best Talking About Feelings, What Mom Said

Almost the whole family gathered to see Revenge of the Sith at midnight in 2005

Claire Barnes re: Phantom Menace. It must be nice to have lived somewhere where you didn't have to camp out to get Episode I tickets.

I accompanied the third graders on a field trip that Tuesday and
stopped at Cinemark on the way home and picked up tickets for Phantom
Menace for the next day, no problem. Right after school was out on
Wednesday I took Owen and Greg (3rd and 6th graders) to the movies! I
think Dad came early to the theater and saved a place for us in line.
I remember the anticipation sitting in our seats and finally when the
green "Lucas Film Ltd." appeared on screen there was such a cheer from
the audience. I looked right and left and said, "well, here we go!"
Afterwards I remember seeing guys fighting with light sabers in the
parking lot with their short hair pulled back in mini pony tails. You
called home with the report you'd seen the movie and were getting ready
to see it again. We watched it as a family by proxy. Then we went to
hear Owen play the drums in the final Mann School band concert of the
year. Perfect end to perfect day. Now here we are and Owen is back from
his mission and that third grader is ready to leave for his in
Argentina. Blink and your kids are all grown up.

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