Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best Getting Away from Already Being Pretty Much Away from It All, Pt. 3

Friday night, I leave Paul's house and go with Jeff to meet up with everyone for a second night of Honky Tonkin', this time at "The Stage", which is right next door to where we were the night before. These gentlemen performed Country Western music for us.

There were an excess of Bachelorette Parties at the club that night, but this cowboy knew what to do with 'em.

Rule for my Unborn Son: When in doubt, do what the cowboy does.

We boot-scooted out of there and headed over to Printer's Row.

Once Collin got his clothes back on, we made a visit to Lonnie's Western Room. They do karaoke there.

Waited and waited and it was finally Collin and Jeff's turn.

The crowd went bananas.

Here's a video of some of the performance. But before you click, you have to guess what song they're singing.

And that was that for Friday night in Nashville.

Saturday morning. We went to Opryland. There's a mall there.

You can pet stingrays. That's one of those things that I just refuse to do.

The Gibson Factory/Store. No one makes guitars on Saturdays.

And now, the "real" Grand Ole Opry.

We snuck into one of the Opryhouses, they were having a regular Little Miss Sunshine sort of contest in there. If it weren't too creepy and suspicious, I'd have 1000 photos of those tiny glamorwomen to post here. Walking through the halls amongst them and their mothers was like being on the set of a zombie movie.

Next, we go over to the Opryland hotel to enjoy its enormous enclosed wonderland for a bit.

It goes on and on forever, we only saw two of its many many branches.

Saw some pretty excellent gift-ideas there, too.

Then we got lunch at Prince's Hot Chicken. What happened here is so important and so significant that it's getting its own post. A post full of suffering.

That night we went to Star Trek at the Green Hills Mall. They're really psyched about Angels & Demons in Green Hills.

Then we made a special visit to Wal Mart so Collin could finally get new shoes.

Oh yeah, also, that morning I bought a cat shirt. It says "Nashville - Love that Country Meowsic" or something like that.

And then, next thing you know, it's Sunday, it's 5:00 am, and we're hitting the road.

The deal was that if you drove the car, I'd write your name in Eazy Cheese on a cracker.

And 14 hours later, we're creeping up on New York City.

As our weekend fades away in the West.

And then there we were, back to where we started, having had a totally awesome time in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland, and West Virginia. . . and maybe one more state?
But Listen! These Nashville posts are NOT done because tomorrow we're talking about Prince's Hot Chicken and it's going to be neat!


sarah said...

We're eagerly awaiting tomorrow's post. The last two times we were in Nashville we missed Prince's and Nate has been awfully sorrowful every since.

Brig said...

This news makes me want to know Nate better.

Broadobalds said...

This post makes me remember why I love you so much.