Monday, May 11, 2009

Best Getting Away from Already Being Pretty Much Away from It All, Pt. 1

Spending my days emailing resumes into the darkness and waiting on temp jobs can wear a guy out. It can make him have to get away for a while...

Wednesday morning, Laguardia airport.

A group of friends gather together for an important mission.

The group: Carol and Brigham

Carol and Collin

and Brigham and Collin.


Along the way, breaks had to be taken

Nourishment had to be found,

And treasures unearthed (the treasure would be the temporarily elusive "Tacos After Midnight" Doritos)

After a day of travel, rest was necessary.

We had not expected the Marriott Residence Inn to have prepared dinner for us...

But they had!

Later, an inspection of the swimming pool . . . yes, I found it acceptable and would return to break all of its records.

Day is done.
The next morn, we rise early to investigate Collin's possible future home.

He found the fauna delightful.

Students. sigh.
Whilst Collin took his tour of the facilities, Carol and I pondered the future, a future full of computers but fewer amigos.

We examined our course for the week. It was a lot bigger than we remember it looking originally.

Also, we discovered a town in Tennessee named after Carol's family with a street practically named after her.

Leaving the University of Bowling Greens, I looked toward its library one last time.

Back to the road.
A stop outside of Cincinnati to sample its most famed delicacy.

Chili Cincinnati style!

I don't know the scientific explanation, but spaghetti made it good!

The final hours of our furious freeway assault.

Destination Nashville reached!

Tomorrow: Some of What Happened There!


Marcilyn said...

The Book Thief and The Book of Mormon, BOTH SUCH GOOD BOOKS!

Bek said...

don't tell me you saw jeffrey.

Side of Jeffrey said...

I would like to point out that you passed right by me on your trip. I was in Kentucky and Indiana all weekend. Opportunities lost.

Collin Mapp said...

Brigham! What about after you broke the pool records? Remember when we sat in the hot tub and talked about all the girls we have crushes on?