Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Best Saturday Night Shakedown

Hello and welcome back for continuing coverage of Emily's 60's Party.

The thing that shocked me (and many others, I'm sure) when I got to Emily's apartment was that she had covered the entire interior of her living room with tin foil (a la Andy Warhol's Factory). Apparently it only took 8 rolls? I was, and remain still, very impressed.

Mindy, also shocked. And quite the Dr. Girlfriend, too. (her Grandma [or was it Great-grandma?] knit that outfit herself for herself)

Partiers assemble.

Dancing (eventually) ensued.

This would be the "Jump in the Line" conga line.
Pointing was very in.
Oh, look. Turns out you COULD go out to the patio afterall. Let's follow Ali to see who was out there...
Okay, back inside!

This is part of how you dance to Good Vibrations.

1:30 seemed as good a time as any for the music to end (after a very special final send-off song [if you've put in long nights at the HBLL, that is]) and then came the joy of foil-removing.

Behold, an 8-roll foil ball.

Out on the streets, the party did not stop.

So now I've dj'd my dream party, I suppose life can go on. Well, actually now I've got a dream of a party where I follow Public Enemy's "Lost at Birth" with "Jimmy James" by the Beastie Boys and later drop "Enter Sandman" after "I Want You Back."

Always planning, you know?

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Brooke said...

Wow. I look like I'm on drugs in that pic with Chrisitian. perfect for a 60's party.