Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Best Getting Away from Already Being Pretty Much Away from It All, Pt. 2

As I was saying, Thursday evening Collin, Carol and I made it to Nashville. There we were reunited with Jeff who is now a certified Nashvillain.

Jeff lives in a pretty decent little apartment with a view of the Cumberland River and LP Field, sure, it's not the beach, but it's pretty classy for Nashville.

First Nashville meal: Jack's Bar-B-Que.

Pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, and potato salad. I had a lot of potato salad during this trip.

Then we put in our first night of Honky Tonkin' at Robert's Western World, Home of the Sho-Bud.

Good news, he resisted. He's still on the wagon.

What's a Sho-Bud? It's a slide-guitar contraption like the gentleman on the right is playing in this photo.

Back at Jeff's, exposures were lengthened.

This is what you see if you stick your head out of Jeff's window, look to the right, and don't blink for 15 seconds.

And here's some of what you see from the roof.

Friday morning. The new day broke. Jeff and Collin decided to go for a run.

A while later there was yelling outside the window:

Collin: "We swam in the river!"
Jeff: "Yeah, we floated!"

Not much later we hit the road for some daylight Nashville adventuring. Here we're being hollered at by our host.

There's a replica of the Parthenon in Nashville and that's where we went.

JC Penney catalogue posing.


Nearby there was a large pond full of geese, goslings, and totally confused baby ducks.

We were supposed to go to Gavin's graduation barbecue at 2, but at 1 we were all so hungry we had to make a little stop at the Dog.

Pre-lunch snack.
Barbecue park antics.

There was a dragon in need of taming and befriending.

It's hide was made of pictures, probably of its victims.

Sorry, Superman. Dragon ate you.

I had to explain this one to Carol over and over.

Collin digressed from befriending back to slaying.

In the blue, that's Gavin, our friend, Jeff's business partner, and extremely-recent Vanderbuilt business school graduate.

Celebration feast.

Heidi Carol bond = Achieved!

For supper we met up with Jeff's Elders Quorum President and my totally excellent old pal from 10 years ago Paul.

We ate at the Listening Room and listened to these knuckleheads.

Post listening, went over to Paul's for a bit to meet his offspring and such.

Look at me, I'm holding a baby!

Come back tomorrow for the second to last Nashville post where we'll discuss everything except the most intense thing that happened in Nashville.

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