Thursday, April 09, 2009

Best Duh! I Forgot to Post About Conference at Duane's House

Sunday we watched General Conference at Duane's House because he's got totally epic cable that actually gets it (here in New York we're not like you, we can't just turn on our TV and watch Conference. Typically I watch all five sessions at church, because I'm serious about this stuff.)

As you may or may not know, you get to Roosevelt Island via tram, the tram that got attacked in Spider-Man. I'm not posting these pictures because I had never been on this tram before and was totally flipping out (that was not the case, I go to Roosevelt Island via tram like crazy), I just wanted you to have a look at what it was like and what a nice day we were having.

Also, I want you to see this very serious apartment I always check out when I'm taking the tram. Obviously, you can see it a lot better at night when the lights are on, but what we're dealing with here is a triplex with a great big spiral staircase on the right side and a neat walkway through the middle of the place...yeah, pretty hard to see that very well here.

Conference watching time!

Conference lunch eating time! (We were having a Utah-themed Pot Luck. Collin and I provided fry sauce and tater tots.)

Not dessert. Lunch.

Between Sessions: Why don't we take in some of that island sun?

The First Stick of Spring!

(Nearly as significant as the First Present of Christmas)

Oh! I'm sorry, I was being rude. I haven't introduced our new friend Carol. Everyone, this is Carol:

Hurray for Conference!

Hurray for Feasting* All Day Long!

(*Did you catch the double meaning?)

Hurray for drawing in Carol's notebook! (Can you guess the artist [Collin, Jared, or Brigham] of each picture? Real hard, right?)

PS And what's the one thing totally missing from this post? A picture of our host, Duane. Oh well. I imagine you know what he looks like and also know that he's totally awesome, right?

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