Thursday, April 23, 2009

Best Steely Resolve

From a gchat yesterday afternoon. I left my co-chatter hanging on where I was headed, they tried to reel me back in with some very tempting conversation bait as I tied my shoes and headed off:

[begin chat]
ME: you won't believe where I'm going right now!
THEM: a few guesses...
the superhero store?
carnegie hall
fuku that is
5:44 PM
New museum?
ME: all good and close, but not where I'm going
ok, I got to go where I'm going cuz I'm going there right now
5:45 PM
THEM: tell me first
ME: nope, sorry. I just left. I'll tell you after.
them: please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
don't leave me hanging
5:46 PM
ME: sorry. i left!
THEM: ughh
I'll find you
you can't escape me

i know you didn't just leave me hanging

5:47 PM

I ate a whole pig today

and played Guitar Hero

and watched Real Housewives
and all seasons of Friday Night Lights

you're really not there huh?
5:48 PM
and did you know that my aunt is Susan Boyle?
5:49 PM

[end chat]

Very hard to resist, but I did. Good thing they didn't ask me to guess what their favorite Slayer song was.

And I've only watched Real Housewives once, but it made a real impression on me.


miss b said...

and good thing this person didn't continue with "wait, what's the rest of the line 'you're such a doll, I'm glad you're mine...'"

or... I threw up after eating a white chocoloate macademia nut Cliff bar...

or...did you know they're making a potato chip factory right here in NYC?

Brig said...

See, someone gets it.
Come on, people. This is your chance to belittle me.