Thursday, April 30, 2009

Best I Continue to Choose to Believe

Here's the first full trailer to the GI JOE movie.

Plus d'infos sur ce film
Even though it's directed by the guy who made the Mummy movies (the WORST action movies I've ever, ever seen...well, I didn't see the Mummy III, maybe that one redeemed the other two? No? Didn't think so.) I, for some reason, think this looks cool and fun.

And here's a link to the latest Transformers 2 trailer. I hope against hope that this one will not turn my guts inside out with disgust like the first one, but I can only hope for so much--this trailer doesn't really help, I only see evidence of what irked me the first time, plus new problems (So this movie is about the bad guys trying to resuscitate an evil robot called the Fallen? Kind of like how the first one was about the bad guys trying to resuscitate Megatron? Sheesh.) Transformers 1 has been playing on TV a lot lately so I've tried watching it here and there, hoping to find that I take to it for some reason on additional viewings. Nope, not happening. It just makes me even madder than before, now I'm noticing things like the fact that you can almost never see a whole robot, only pieces of robots passing through the frame. Why must life be so hard?

Oh, and I'm not surprised that Wolverine is getting terrible reviews, that's the vibe I was picking up all along. It seems like only girls are excited about this movie. Have you noticed that?


Tannerama said...

Accelerator suits? If they wanted a Flash movie why didn't they just make a Flash movie. I'm gonna watch GI Joe Resolute twice instead of this.

When is a nerd movie going to be made that isn't ashamed of its source material? I mean other than Iron Man.

I don't want Accelerator suits. I want Gung-Ho's Tattoo. I want Shipwreck's Parrot. And I want Mirror masked Cobra Commander hatching some wacky scheme to take over the world. Tomax and Xamot, Zartan. Wild Bill. Bazooka. Stuff like that. Like I said... I'm gonna watch Resolute twice and call it an evening.

Tannerama said...

By the way, Happy Birthday Brigham.

Brig said...

Well, I'll admit I've been put in my place. Yet my position remains the same: I feel all right about this movie (even though I really, really shouldn't)

But my bigger crime is not blogging about Resolute. Just ask Collin, Jeff, or Carol.

M said...

i have faith in it still. notice that we still haven't seen cobra commander. yet we all know he will be in it. (in fact, he's being played by jason gordan-levitt, who hinted at some pretty amazing things in store for his character). i choose to believe that the fact that they aren't showing us everything bodes well for the movie.

M said...

btw, i didn't realize until i saw your comment about wolverine how not excited i am to see that movie. i kept trying to pretend i was. but who am i kidding? it's opening this weekend and i have yet to make plans to see it this week or next. in fact, i think i'm already planning to see star trek with my brother next weekend instead. i think it's because x-men 3 just destroyed the movie franchise