Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best More Chinatown than Chinatown

Friday I was walking down Eldridge and there were all these lanterns up and I was like "Yeah, this is more like it...this is like Chinatown in the movies"

Turns out it WAS the Chinatown from the movies, they're filming Jerry Bruckheimer's "Sorcerer's Apprentice" for Disney with Nicolas Cage as the sorcerer over there. Of course. And yes, there will be brooms.

If you ask me, that daytime lantern picture is actually pretty dope


dmarks said...

That's pretty cool. With Bruckheimer at the helm, no doubt the movie will have the brooms all blow up in big fireballs. And Mickey Mouse will blow up too.

Cindy said...

This fancy letterpress blog took a picture of those lanterns too and I think yours might one-up them.


Brig said...

I should unleash my full collection of lantern photos in an all out lantern photo battle.