Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Autobiography of My Trip to Washington, DC

Day 1

Driving Down With Kristin and Brent - A Delicious Lunch at Arby's - Oh Hey! It's Brittany - Look Niall! The Ice is All Gone!

Day 2

At Last I Can Spend as Much Time as I Want at the Air and Space Museum - I See It All - Hey! I Read About That Thing in World Magazine! - Up the Street I Go to the Indian Museum - Reunited with Mom and Emily - I Eat Javelina - A Look About the Museum - A Quick Visit to the American History Museum, Mr. Rogers' Sweater is Nowhere to Be Found - After Picking Up Dad We Go to the National Archives - That's an Enormous Map of Gettysburgh and That's President Taft's 7 foot by 41 inch bathtub - After Dinner at the Old Ebbitt Grill We Take a Walk by Barry's House

Day 3

A Tour of the Capital - Brigham Young and I (the First of the Two Statues Representing Utah in the Capital, Can You Guess Which Other Famous Utahn is Honored There?) - Drowsy Abe - It's Philo! Philo Farnsworth is the Other Utahn - Emily and I Appear Before the Supreme Court - After Lunch, a Visit to the Enormous and Unforgiving National Portrait Gallery - This is a Javelina! (What I Ate for Lunch on Day 2) - The Wonders of the Portrait Gallery - Back to the Hotel - Dinner at Ben's

Day 4

Yes, It Was a Family Plan and Decision to Have McDonald's for Breakfast - My First McGriddle - And Now We Tour the Library of Congress - Brief Return to the Hotel Where I Check Out the View from the Top Floor - The Reason My Family Is All Here in the First Place - We Journey to Baltimore and I Stand Before My First Home with My Parents - Honestly, You Thought You Could Raise a Baby Here? - Mom Says I Used to Play With the Whiskey Bottles - Lunch at the Northeast Market - Fried Chicken! - And Now, Johns Hopkins! - The Four Doctors - The Old Famous Building - Not the Visitor's Center - The Back of the Old Famous Building - It's Not Just the Great Blacks in Wax Museum, It's the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum - Poe's Grave - A View of the Harbor - Not Pictured: Seafood for Dinner

Day 5

Holy Smokes Was I There for a Long Time - Morning Map Consulting - A Visit to the National Gallery of Art - I Always Wondered Why Gaugin Would Make All Those Paintings of the Naked Island Women, Now that I've Seen His Self-portrait, I Understand - Soon I Will Publish a Collection of Puppies from Famous Works of Art - Two of the Scarier Lions from Daniel in the Lion's Den - Did You Know a Cat was Present for the Fall? I Thought it Was a Mountain Lion - This Plate, is that Jared's Brother? - Reunited at Lunch With Shane - National Gallery East - I Could Have Spent the Whole Day Taking Pictures of the Moving Walkway (Don't Miss the One Where I Enter Hyper-Space) - More of the Gallery - On the Second Floor of the Natural History Museum, in the Minerals and Gems Section, You'll Find the World's Largest Collection of People Using their Flash When they Shouldn't - I Confront My Most Terrible Fear: A Giant Squid - My Dear Family (Abridged)

Day 6

Emily and Mom Take Dad and I to See the Cherry Blossoms by the Jefferson Monument - Explorations Around Embassy Row - Dad and Japan - In Mexico they Salute Weird - Some of these are Embassies, Some are Ambassador's Residences, Some are Just Homes - Andy? - Family - A Pushy Poodle at Wisey's - Some of What there is to See in Georgetown - Lunatic Cat - Please, No Dogs - Take the Bus Back to New York

Okay, listen. What I was trying to do here was mimic the layout of the Autobiography of Parley P Pratt and what I learned from this is that if you try to adjust the size of your text in Blogger you will be severely humiliated.


Side of Jeffrey said...

Dear Utah: Quit stealing Idaho's famous people as if they are your own. Philo is Idaho born and don't claim what ain't yours.

Ben's Chili Bowl = HOORAY!

Bek said...

come hang out with me and take pictures.

Meg said...

Hey...where'd your beard go?