Saturday, August 23, 2008

Best Wingding

Saturday night (a week ago, of course) I worked pretty late and then zipped down to Gold Street to catch the tail end of Amber's Mad Men Mocktail party. Turns out it was an absolute blowout, tons of people were there in excellent outfits that made me look like a total scrub who didn't put enough thought into the occasion.

I give my #2 Bet Outfit Award to Dave who grew his hair out a bit for the night. Excellent touch.

Here's Jamie with Hostess Amber showing off the powder room.

Assorted partiers in their party clothes. Funny how everyone had something in the closet just waiting for a 60s party. Only a few people showed up that had mistaken a mocktail party for a disco party, none of those people are pictured here, so don't think that I'm insulting my friends.

13 years ago I bought my copy of Las Vegas Grind Part 2 and for 13 years I waited for the opportunity to share it with roomful of people aching for some seedy 60's dance music. Finally, the dream was realized. For the time being, you can download the album here. Yes, click that link, then you'll have the whole record. I'm giving it to you for when you have your own party.

My #1 Best Dressed Award goes to Stephen who, I don't know, something about his look that night just killed it for me. And yes, it might not be as prominently displayed here as in some other blog posts or facebook albums, but there were candy cigarettes at the party. Lots and lots of candy cigarettes. What a perfectly normal thing for a bunch of Mormons to do, spend a night drinking fake cocktails and smoking fake cigarettes at a themed party dedicated to a TV show about misogyny and what awful people your grandparents must have been. Perfectly normal!

In the background: LA'ers Keith and Leslie who were in town for the week to show New York how things are done.

And, at last, here is me. I think I ruined the party by wearing a blue shirt, but it's my only shirt with french cuffs and Mad Men is very much about french cuffs and I really wanted to embrace this occasion to show off Grandpa Taylor's cufflinks. (and nearly-matching gold tie).

Here I am with my compadres, insisting on fixing (showing off) my cuffs when I should have been fixing my hair.

What a bunch of cads.

Suddenly we blast back into the 21st Century for a moment so I can show you that Pamela had Watchmen with her...that trailer has caused a world of curiosity!

And, in conclusion, here is Amber cleaning up after the men...very Mad Men-esque.

If you have the same friends as me then you've probably seen lots of Facebooking of pictures from this party and caught a lot more well-dressed folks than I photographed. But if you're not up in the same networks as me, I can at least recommend
Emily's post from that evening.

And, once more, Here's that record I played for the party.

Magnificent work, Amber. p.s. The cheeseball was delicious!


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Considering the fact that Caitlin and I have already been in the process of catching up on Mad Man, we were very jealous of this party. Amber had the best participating Mormon party turnout that I've seen in a long, long time.

pamela said...

If I'd known what a dude magnet the Watchmen is, I would have started carrying around a copy with me years ago. Look at Collin and that redhead in the picture... they can't help themselves.

Scrumpestuous D said...

I fear I'm never going to see my copy of Watchmen again...

pamela said...

Yea... sorry Dave. I'm going to have to keep it for awhile. Every time I read it on the subway, some guy has to talk to me about it. It's amazing. Come on, help a girl out!

Stephen Hussein Frandsen said...

i don't know what to say...

Brig said...

Pamela-Perhaps you should recommend it to the Relief Society bookclub?

Stephen-Just say you won't take too long choosing from the typing pool as first pick is your prize

English said...

remember when I was at this party, and sleeping in your house?