Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Best This is What We Did Today, Mom (Sunday)

On Sunday we went to Five Points for brunch (Vacation Rules).  We are smiling in this postprandial picture because something good happened during our meal.  I invite you to read on to learn all about it!

It had been years since any of us had brunched at Five Points but it's a family-favorite and we started the meal off with our family-favorite churros y chocolate.  Here's Owen and Greg being civilized about it.

Here's the dear old churros.

And do you know what happened after our churros?  Nothing.  Nothing happened for over forty minutes.  For over forty minutes we sat there wondering why our family-favorite brunch spot was treating us so poorly and not feeding us.  It was ghastly.  But then you know what happened?  The manager came over bowing and apologizing for the delay and told us the meal would be on the house.  Hooray!  Free huevos rancheros, BLT, and lemon-blueberry pancakes!  Nothing turns a frown upside down like a restaurant treating you right...it's funny how quickly you can go from "What has happened to this place?  I'm never coming back." to "I love Five Points!  I can't wait to come again and bring all my friends!"

After brunch we went home and took a massive brother nap and after that we went up to Hillary and Karli's to catch the end of that potluck I told you we were invited to.

Once most everyone left we had some real fun, starting with testing out Hillary's escape ladder.

What could possibly go wrong?

And after that we played some charades.  At first I was going to caption these but wouldn't that defeat the very purpose of charades and charades photos?  We don't need me to tell you how many syllables a word had or that two people pulled up their pants at the same time or that Owen was an umbrella.  Let's just have fun with this.

Karli don't play, she cleans.

Apparently H & K make the design decisions around the apartment.

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marshall p said...

whoa. your brother stole your outfit.