Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Best Let Me Say This

When I see trailers or commercials or posters on the street for Tropic Thunder I just get the impression that Hollywood is feeling too proud of how clever it thinks it is.


Tannerama said...

What about the blackface thing?

I just saw another clip today. It still looks frakkin' hilarious.

By the way, Justin Theroux who helped write Tropic Thunder has been brought on to write for Iron Man 2

Brig said...

It seems so promising, but I think it's a house of cards...every trailer I've seen only keeps my interest for a minute, I don't expect much more from the movie.

BUT I am a Justin Theroux fan. His Iron Man 2 involvement is very intriguing, very intriguing indeed. I wonder how they picked him for the job. I guess it's not too different from picking Favreu to direct.

Collin Mapp said...

I'm just excited to see Dark Knight for the second time.