Monday, August 18, 2008

Best Double Feature

A few months ago the Film Forum held a lengthy Godard-fest which I did not go to nearly enough (I only saw Alphaville). I really felt awful bad about missing Breathless and Band of Outsiders.

But good news, everyone!

September 1 the Film Forum is holding a Breathless/Band of Outsiders double feature as part of their French (New) Crime Wave series! Holy amazing bargain! I hope I don't blow this one off, these two of my absolute favorite Godard films, and I've seen probably 5 or 6!

The Listing

On iTunes University there's a magnificent lecture on Breathless by Hubert Dreyfuss at Cal as part of his Existentialism in Literature and Film that's worth searching for and listening to if you have the time and interest. My next viewing of Breathless will be my most intelligent one yet!


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

oh yeah, breathless is sweeeeet. i know its not the same, but rent it again and enjoy it alone.

Brig said...

Oh, I own both movies.
It's just having them up there on the screen, it makes a big difference.
I've seen BoO in a theater before, but not Breathless.