Sunday, March 16, 2008


UPDATE Sagamore Hill day now covered by Dave at his blog!

The 15th might have only been the middle of Teddy Roosevelt month, but it was also the highpoint in our adventure to learn more about the lovable president because it was the day of our expedition out to Sagamore Hill, the home Roosevelt build (or had built, when you get down to it) for his family in Oyster Bay. I wish these photos could capture but an one-thousandth part of the fun we were having that day!

The morning began with a portion of our party meeting up to be picked up by Collin.

When Collin rolled up in his shiny black van we all nearly lost our minds over how shiny and black it was.

Less than an hour later we descended upon Sagamore Hill like history-crazed locusts, starting at the gift shop/ticket-buying place.

Then we headed over to the Theodore Roosevelt Museum of Sagamore Hill which is inside TR Jr's old house.

Inside the Museum we history came alive and started being fun!

The hour of our tour of Sagamore Hill grew close so we headed for the house itself.

Our guide was super top-notch and really handled our relentless barrage of penetrating questions well. We were a well-prepared group and came with knowledge under our belts and curiosity coming out of our eardrums.

Most of my questions during the tour had to do with statues that I thought looked funny or creepy.

Here occurs an hour and a half gap in photos while we were touring inside Sagamore Hill. What, you thought I was going to disobey the wishes of the National Park Service (which might as well be TR) and take pictures in there? No, I am not that sort of bull moose. But if you want to know what it looks like inside the house, just imagine a home where no room is left without a tiger-skin or two.

Quentin Roosevelt died a fighter pilot.

This is tree-climbing.

This is acorn-blowing.

This is stick-fighting, a.k.a. "When stuff started to get real fun."

Chickens to satisfy healthy Roosevelt appetites.

Our hunger for knowledge satisfied, we discovered that our hunger for hamburgers or sandwiches or something had grown strong within us and we got to consulting the Oyster Bay map and deciding on meals. Many of us chose to head for Taby Burgers, others chose Subway.

Taby Burgers breakfast is good until 11 AM, after that, just don't bother.

Dudes, seriously. What an awesome day.


Cindy said...

There are so many things for me to appreciate about this blog. First and foremost, all the information about Teddy Roosevelt, our nation's 26th president. When you have that hat on, it sort of transforms you. You don't look like yourself. And the many, many pictures and video footage of my heart's delight. And also the many photos of the giant sasquatch. I will review this over and over again.

lambini said...

WOW! I love reagans tree artistic...good shots!

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Super awesome day...super awesome Tabby burgers.

Nerak said...

First of all, that was an amazing amount of pictures. Impressive.

Second, there was one picture that was unequivocally my favorite. Colin + Brigham + stick fighting + HILARIOUS face = Karen's fav.

Brig said...

I'm impressed that you can laugh in the face of death...although laughing at a computer is a lot easier than laughing on the field of battle.

Collin Mapp said...

And the battle was fierce.

Brigham, I'm just glad you didn't bring your Centaurs.

Kersten said...

A Barnhart AND a Mulcock!

What treasure!

Reghan said...

what a thoroughly documented day, well done! didn't know you were taking a video, funny. can i steal your tree pic for my profile shot? too bad you didn't get collin swatting my bottom with his sticks - how immature!

Tayebi Sisters said...

i love caitlin's hair.

Collin Mapp said...

Just keep putting your bottom out there like that, Ray Gun! You'll see!