Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Best I Was There, Too II

Like Jeff and Dave, I went to 2 Gold for Easter Dinner on Sunday and, like Jeff and Dave, I'm going to post pictures of pretty much the same stuff. Because we're shooting for thoroughness here, right?

Arriving at the apartment, I was stunned by the setting of the table that Amber had performed and the little place cards she had prepared for all of us.

Chairs had to be brought in from far and wide to accommodate all the bottoms that would be needing a place to sit that evening.

My responsibility for the day was appetizers, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you appetizers

The appetizers were: cheeses and spicy nuts, spicy nuts that I made myself.

Look how good my nuts were! I made a set of Asian spicy nuts roasted in chili powder, cayenne pepper, and fish sauce and a set of Costa Rican spicy nuts roasted in cumin, generic Cajun seasoning, and Lizano salsa.

For the cheeses I had a variety of crackers including these incredibly delicious little guys, Keebler Flip Sides pretzel crackers. Holy moley! These are the crackers of my dreams, I don't dare try the cheddar variety for fear of never eating anything else again in my life.

Pamela was in charge of the crudites. There was a whole email chain where people were trying to figure out what crudites were. Philistines. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to even party with these people.

Back in the kitchen, oh man, look at that ham!

The Easter Bunny appeared, bearing Harlem sodas and egg treats for everyone.

Look at the joy he spread all over the place! Everyone was absolutely delighted with their little personalized Easter eggs.

But take a close look here at Jeff's egg and, I mean, how could one not be delighted?

Finally, it was time to get down to business and have ourselves our Easter dinner.

This is my plate before I got my green beans and collard greens.

Hooray for Easter!


Cindy said...

Is it wrong to have a crush on the Easter bunny? That whole event looks stellar! I'm really impressed with your nuts and also with the place cards.

Natalie said...

Amber never ceases to impress! She is amazing!

marshall p said...

did people keep making comments like, "ooo brigham, I love your spicy nuts" and "I can't wait to wrap my lips around your spicy nuts"? yes? no? seriously...