Friday, March 28, 2008

Best Mexico is SO AWESOME!

Oh man. I just found out about this and I'm completely losing my mind over it. A rash of riots and turf wars have broken out across Mexico (and apparently have begun to spread to other parts of Latin America) between Mexican emo kids and the other Mexican rock fans (such as the Punqueros and Rockabillies).

From what I've read and put together and assumed, it all began with this anti-emo rant by an Mexican VJ (I like when he says "deathmetal" and uses English swears):

Which inspired planning and scheming on message boards and blogs and finally a group of Punks and other emo-despisers descended upon a group of emos that hang out in a plaza in Queretaro (here I resist writing a paragraph about how I served some of my mission in Queretaro and how it's a ways off from Mexico City, blah blah blah, etc etc.) in order to reclaim the plaza as their own:

And this has resulted in further anti-emo violence (and emo self-defense) throughout the country:

Me, I just think it's so awesome that there's a whole thriving emo Mexican subculture. On my mission I got a kick out of how Mexican youngsters would latch onto what they made of popular American trends and transformed them into something of their own...back then it was still grunge, Guns n Roses, and the Doors, what I wouldn't do to have unpleasant interactions with emo Mexicans in my short-sleeved white shirt right now.

Agh! Mexico! You're so awesome, I can't even stand it!

A good place to begin your search for much better coverage and explanation of the situation is at this blog, which I really didn't read that closely because I was too busy losing my mind over the YouTubes. I really hope you can speak Spanish and know a little Mexican slang. Really badly I do hope that for you.

IMMEDIATE UPDATE Just posted this post, already discovered a zillion more articles about the emo riots all over the internet. This one from Wired seems pretty good (again, too excited to have found it to actually read it).


Collin Mapp said...

Tickle Me Emo

marshall p said...

that's so crazy. what will mexicans think up next? oh well... at least it's keeping them from beating up americans... for now.

Anonymous said...

This is the first completely legitimate post this blog has seen in four years. That said, it was cowardly to resist telling us where Queretaro is and your relationship to the city. It’s an important part of why this is on your blog and it makes an already awesome story even more personal and even more totally awesome.