Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Best Marching Forth

Tuesday morning I woke up kind of early, felt like getting my day started, and took a totally awesome walk. (Behold the gmaps pedometer account)

The main idea of the walk was to get to the Manhattan Bridge and cross it and after that to walk along the river in Brooklyn.

To get to the Manhattan Bridge I had to go through familiar Bowery/Chinatown neighborhoods first.

I've walked the Williamsburg bridge a few times and the Brooklyn Bridge too-many times, so it was time to learn more about the Manhattan Bridge. Mostly I learned that crossing this bridge affords you some great views of some really great squalor. If you want to peer into super-depressing tiny apartments crammed full of junk, the Manhattan Bridge is the bridge to take! Also, you get a good view of that stuck up Brooklyn Bridge.

But once you get to the DUMBO side you're dealing with birdseye views of clever playgrounds and stuff.

Once in Brooklyn-proper my efforts of getting to the river were slightly confounded and I wound up walking through Brooklyn heights to the river. Would you believe I didn't take a single picture of the river? I can't. But I did sit on a bench and count 25 nannies within my view. That's a lot of strollers.

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JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Hey! You took a picture of one of my favorite run down apartments. I really want to make a horror movie in there (big surprise).

If you can make it happen, I'll kill you off in there.