Thursday, July 12, 2007

Best Super Brief Review

If you don't like it that's because you haven't listened to it three times yet. That's what it takes. Three listens.

And why is Madison Square Garden where you have to go to see your favorite bands that used to rock the Hammerstein (or Roseland)? The White Stripes, Morrissey, Muse, and now Interpol? Come on, you guys.


niall said...

You are absolutely right. I said the same thing to several friends.

Whitney said...

Okay, it took me four times, but i now see the light. Have you checked out The National, that only took me once. I am going to get out of my cyber fear, and start commenting. So Hello.

Brig said...

I'm glad that you're going to be around, Whitney.

I was listening to the new National last night on the train and had to skip it because I was like "Yeah, not in the mood for tear jerking music right now." And I mean that in a good way. Something about them, so immediate and tragic. Tragic like happy memories are tragic. You know?

Whitney said...

you might be right. i did listen to it again and thought, what was thinking am i a sissy? and then i realized that i just might be. whatever happened to my einstuzende neubauten and my drive like jehu days.