Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Best Hot Dog Live Blog

I'm watching the Hot Dog championship on ESPN. Why? A combination of curiosity, wanting to see the American win, and happening to be home and remembering that it's happening today.

Impressions so far:
  • First ad of the first commercial break: Heinz ketchup. Come on! This doesn't help.
  • Did the camera just cut away as a contestant held up a sign revealing the rumored #1 spoiler of Harry Potter #7? That's what I saw, at least.
  • I do not care so much about Harry, but I do like hearing Harry spoilers.
  • I would love it if it Kobayashi were faking his injury.
  • Footage of the American holding back tears after getting second place last year make me excited for him. You realize he already broke Kobayashi's record by 5 1/2 hot dogs, right?
  • Once I ate 4 hotdogs.
  • Seeing the crowd at Coney Island on TV right now, it erases any notion I ever hade of wanting to watch this thing in person
  • Ok, the American is named "Joey Chestnut", ok, I won't forget that again.
  • All right, I've already muted this show to watch videos about the iPhone on my computer. When does this really start, anyway?
  • Wait! There's a Project Runway 3 marathon on Bravo right now! It's the dog episode right now! My first episode ever. Oh man. There's Alison! It's Bradley's birthday!
  • Back on ESPN they're announcing the eaters. This first guy holds teh world pork n beans eating record.
  • Just switched over to Bravo. Oh, Uli. There you are.
  • "The Undisputed Pigs Feet Eating Champion of the World!"
  • Seriously, listening to all these Eating CVs, it's ridiculous. Don't do it if you're worried you've never done anything with your life.
  • Oh Snap! There's the Harry Potter poster again! Eater X, you're a troublemaker.
  • I'm getting hungry. Are lots of restaurants closed on July? I want Saigon Grill. That's what I eat now.
  • There's these ads for the Espy's with Jimmy Kimmel and LeBron James and they're funny. LeBron:"We don't win superbowls." Jimmy: "Not with that attitude."
  • Oh! The dogs have taken to the runway!
  • Oh! The hotog race has started!
  • I have to watch this for 12 minutes?
  • The announcer just said "It is so on right now!"
  • And now he said: "Kobayashi is bringing it!"
  • Chestnut just ate 20 in two minutes.
  • I like this guy.
  • This one guy is wearing a sweatband that says "Joe Delaney", who, if you forgot, was a pro football player that died trying to rescue 3 boys from drowning in 1983.
  • Chestnut is still leading after 6 minutes, buy Kobayashi is hanging in there. Oh man. I'm getting nervous!
  • Meanwhile, Keith is in trouble with the judges for not making a costume for his dog.
  • "A singular instance of valor" That's what they're calling Kobayashi's performance.
  • With 3:20 minutes left, Chestnut has broken the Nathan's record.
  • I think Chestnut was counting on leaving Kobayashi in the dust with a strong start, but dude has stayed steady and it's neck and neck now with 2:30 left.
  • Come on, you American.
  • 60 dogs! Chestnut breaks his World Record!
  • Oh, this is ugly. This is painful.
  • It's neck to neck.
  • 62/61, Chestnuct. Come on!
  • Photo finish? What do the judges say? They're looking at the tape.
  • Another commercial break. Another shot of disgusting ketchup on hotdog action.
  • I've been reading more about this Joe Delaney. It's really a sad story.
  • The announcement...
  • USA! USA! USA! 66/63! USA! USA!
  • Dude, he broke the Nathan's Record by 13 hotdogs!
  • USA!
  • USA!

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niall said...

I wish I had ESPN, not that you don't do a great job of course. I'd just like to see it with my own eyes!