Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Best Barnes Family Holiday

Dates and numbers are a big deal to my Mom, she’s always pointing out when a date adds up in some neat way or something. The biggest occasion for her is when the numbers are all the same…you know, like the 7-7-7 that just happened.

Whenever the date lines up that way my Mom celebrates thusly: She makes a chocolate cake with white frosting and writes the date on it in blue. And then she takes her picture with it (and typically includes her family in said photo). She’s got photographic evidence of this holiday going back to 7-7-77.

So, anyway, this year, in honor of my mother, I celebrated 7-7-7 as well as I could in New York with a trio of Magnolia cupcakes…(I don't know everything about baked goods, so I wound up topping these with gross gel instead of frosting)

And here’s the official picture of me and them…

So, yes, that’s how you celebrate these sorts of things in the Barnes Family. Come back to Steady Mobbin’ around 11-11-11, it’ll probably be the hugest triple-date celebration ever!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didnt show my picture on this post.

Kimberly said...

Brigham, I personally think my 29th birthday date will be pretty awesome as it will be 11-12-13!

Smash said...

In Las Vegas, couples were lined up around the block at the marriage bureau to get marriage licenses to be married on 7-7-7. Apparently, many people enjoy these special dates.