Friday, July 20, 2007

Best Fine Dining

Because we’re fancy, Mom, Dad, Emily and I went and had dinner last night at the Panera Bread Co. Oak Park’s elegant neighboring village*, River Forest.

*Yes, I am from a village. The Village of Oak Park. We have a Chief instead of a Mayor. What? Is that weird to you?

Now let’s play a game. First, divide our group of 4 up into 2 teams: The Males and the Females. Now, guess which team ate dainty salads for dinner:

And which team had hearty sandwiches: (scroll down for answers)

Did you guess Salads = Men

And Sandwiches = Women?

Also, there was a cheese and mushroom pizza (except it wasn’t called a pizza, it had a corporate name that evoked freshness and crispiness)

Mom took these pictures of me looking like this

Before she told me I need a little of this

All better!

This is my Mom and Dad. But you probably figured that out in the first picture.

OK, ‘bye!


Smash said...

I'm going to give you some inside information that is going to change your life. Next time you eat at panera, get the Sierra Turkey sandwich. You'll never look back.

M said...

this is my mom's favorite restaurant. so much so that next time she comes for a visit, we are off to hoboken just so she can get her panera fix. (they don't have them in utah yet).

Brig said...

I would trade the Cosis of New York for Paneras at a 3:1 ratio.

M said...

that would definitely be a good trade. i wonder why there is a panera in hoboken but not a single one in nyc. is panera boycotting nyc because its wholesome food is simply too good for us? or do you think that cosi simply has a powerful lobby in albany?

Scrumpestuous D said...

Woah! I went to Panera with my Mom the other day when I was home in Seattle! You're blowing my mind!

Cindy said...

What is this Panera? I have to go there. There's one in Seattle?