Monday, July 23, 2007

Best Super Brief Review, IV

Have you flown JetBlue lately?

These "apple pie" cookies they've got now are DELICIOUS! And on sale, too!

And if you were wondering when this blog was going to start being 'good' again, I'd say definitely no earlier than Thursday.


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Whatever, this post is both relevant and exciting. With all the travelers in August, including myself on Jet Blue to Cancun, it is important to note that we can get delicious treats on the plane, and with a cause!

Anonymous said...

I recognize those materials as barbri. vomit.

good luck. I'll be enjoying the same wonder experience on the other coast.


Scrumpestuous D said...

I just flew back on jetBlue on Wednesday/Thursday. I asked, but did not receive these cookies. Bummer, because they sound delish.

mimi said...

i love these! i buy them at the asian grocery store (h2 or something) on 11 st and 3rd ave. they only cost $1 or so. they outplease terra chips 10:1.