Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Best Low-Def Content

As an avid snapshotter known to have his camera on hand in nearly every situation, I've never been a fan of the camera phone. I had one a couple of years ago, it got stole (if you never have, or haven't lately, you ought to read the post about that), then I had a nice little no-camera phone, it got left in Australia, now I've wound up with another camera phone and I've found myself using it approximately 4 times now...mostly when I run downstairs to the store real quick and see a product that catches my eye for some reason.

For example, I nearly bought this deodorant just because it was called "Showtime." How awesome would that be to get totally psyched up every morning post-shower as I prepare to apply my deodorant and say to myself "It's SHOWtime!" Unfortunately, Old Spice Showtime was not also an antiperspirant and I personally worry more about personal perspiration than personal odor. (Not that I condone or endorse the latter) I don't care that my underarms are caked in aluminum, I don't like them feeling slippery and that's how it is.

Here's something that I definitely did NOT almost buy, instead I rolled my eyes at it four or five times before photographing: "Peace Cereal" Oh come one!

The thing about Peace Cereal is that if you buy it, 10% of the profits go to Peace. To Peace! Peace Cereal Inc. places a dime from every dollar earned into a piggy bank and when the bank gets full, they stamp it and address it "To Peace." It must be so reassuring to start your day with a bowl full of something that saves the world.

Another place I might be without my camera: Sitting in church behind Jared Clark when he's showing off his latest work, a suitcase full of a child's art supplies.

If this blog becomes a place full of things I have snapped at with my cell phone then I will hang my head in shame.


Two Clazzy Ladies said...

The perfect background for any phone picture is the Union Square chapel/organ.

XOXO Briggie!


g.chameleon said...

briggie, what brand of anti-perspirant do you use?