Monday, December 19, 2005

Best Television Redemption

Wow. Tonight's Arrested Development was off the hook! So funny it could have been from Season One. Lots of Bluth in-fighting, no incredibly bizarre twists, turns, or subplots. The Bob Loblaw Law Blog? Luchas de Muchachos? Are you kidding me? Pure hilarity! Now I've got to be sad that the show is going away.

Also, there was this rap video called "Lazy Sunday" on Satuday's Saturday Night Live and it was fUnny. Maybe the best fake rap by white guys trying to act tough joke video ever? Please click, please watch (w/ turned up)

"You can Call Us Aaron Burr from the Way We're Droppin' Hamiltons"


Cache said...

Hey didn't that guy do some raps about storks?

Tannerama said...

I don't know but he an his buddies did do that just 2 guys rap song. Over at Funny.

By the way, I feel honored that I linked on my blog the same thing that brigham linked on his blog with out prior knowledge.

Isn't Showtime picking up Arrested Development? Bob Loblah law blog... classic.