Friday, December 09, 2005

Best Friday Morning Miscellany

First of All: Did you get really jealous in July when you read about how I went and saw Mr. Brownstone, the Guns N Roses cover band? Well, you're in luck (if you are a New Yorker) as they're playing again this Friday night . . . with an opening band called "Bling Kong," which is clever. If a strong Guns N Roses imitation is what you need, North Six is where you should be (Tonight, Late).

Second of All: This is exactly the sort of thing I worry about whenever I fly into Midway.

Third: The trailer for Sophia Coppola's new Marie Antoinette movie is now online at AOL. I'm telling you now that if you watch this trailer at work with your computer's sound turned off and then go home and watch it again with the sound on you're going to be seeing two very different trailers . . . so I suggest you wait until you get home so you can listen to it as well as watch it. What am I talking about? Ms. Coppola has made an unusual choice for the song that plays during this dialogue-less trailer for her non-Baz Luhrman looking period piece film. What do I think? I think the tune ("Age of Consent" by New Order) is a brilliant choice because it says to me "Look how much fun it was to be Marie Antoinette! Would you care about poor people if you were Marie Antoinette?" Oh yeah, this is the link.

4th: It is slushy out there. My feet itch.


Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to seeing more of this movie then...ugh...Kirsten Dunst. why? I can't seem to ever understand why, the looks and chest argument still isn't selling me. At least people don't argue for taking Jessica Alba seriously.

ps- neither the Dracula movie cause if I can't rest on the laurels of the straight A's I got in 6th grade, neither can she.

Brig said...

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing . . . watching the trailer, kind of getting into it . . . then BAM, Dunst! And I was like "Oh yeah, she's in it." It's a detraction . . . but I guess Sofia has to rotate her starlet crops.

Smash said...

I posted.

Cindy said...

I have a love hate thing going on with Kirsten. I feel like, if I knew her in real life, we'd be friends, but I wouldn't tell her she was a bad actress, I would support her.

Just from watching that trailer I understand why she told them to eat cake. I would be like, "screw you for wishing you were me" too.

Kirk said...

Man you people are harsh. What did Kirsten ever do to you but try and make your lives a little brighter. She was charming in Spotless mind, sexxy in bring it on, creepy in the vampire movie and virginal in the suicide movie. All she wants is to make you feel. I shed a tear on her behalf.

I hate this slush too. Apparently the companies that made my shoes never heard of snow.

ian said...

I never really noticed Kirsten Dunst until they put her in the first Spider Man film; I realize it was largely the way the character was written, but I felt like she took the strong, independent Mary Jane and made her into a whiny, simpering wimp. I could understand her for the Gwen Stacey role...for Mary Jane they would've done better with Laura Prepon. But I digress; Kirsten Dunst is not much of an actress and she's just not that attractive. I always feel like I'm watching Kirsten Dunst on screen, not the character she's supposed to be playing. It's like she thinks she's just so charming that people MUST prefer seeing HER up there instead of the character. Also, I find her voice extremely irritating. There's something about her delivery and her enunciation that grates on my nerves.

Thus I will not be watching this trailer. I try to keep my Dunst-intake to a bare minimum.

Kirk said...

Good to see you on the street. I will admit Kirsten can be annoying. But I still love her.