Friday, December 16, 2005

Best Good News?

I was almost hoping for the Transit Strike to start today because then we'd really have something to complain about . . . and I would be able to brag that it wouldn't affect me at all as I'm just walking to school and back all the time these days. Now that the strike hasn't started, it's a shame that everyone made such elaborate plans of whom they could stay with and how they could get to work and everything. Well, maybe if we're "lucky" there will be a strike starting Tuesday at 12:01 am (that's what the papers suggest [look at me, I just said "that's what the papers suggest" when we all know I mean "websites"]), which would be just perfect, as Tuesday evening I need to get to La Guardia. Not that I was planning on taking a bus there, but it could be a lot trickier to catch a cab.

I guess I'm just jealous that I missed out on the big blackout in 2003.

PS Taking my EU Law final today . . . I think. It's a pass/fail 24hr. take home, so I'm really strategizing about how much effort to put into it.

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