Sunday, August 29, 2004

Best Reason Not to Have Come Over to My Apartment

MTV VMAs 2004 Holy crap what crap. Not even worth turning the TV on for. If we go back in time a year, the most awesome thing I had done in New York was checking out the red carpet for the 2003 VMAs and then running over to Leslie's to catch the broadcast. It was a regular trip to the Celebrity Zoo followed by pure pop entertainment. But this year? This Miami nonsense? Nonsense! No host, a bunch of lousy bands, continuous sound problems, and (ugh) so much love for Outkast. But now that Outkast has won the VMAs maybe we can move on and forget about Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (if you've visited before maybe you'll remember that I don't dig Outkast one bit and this damages my ability to go out into society.) Oh, and especially bad? They spend the evening hyping the special guest who'd be joining Alicia Keyes and you know who it turns out to be? Stevie Wonder. Yeah, pretty cool. Except he was the surprise guest a few years ago when Will Smith performed "Wild Wild West." You don't have to tell me, I'm too old for this stuff. Token apologies to those who did come over to watch, at least the company was great, not to mention the cheese. Maybe the worst? Not even Kanye was good! (There must've been some problem with monitors because across the board people were singing completely out of tune.)

On the Other Hand Here's a pretty good reason to come over to my apartment. I've discovered that Elvis Costello lives in the same building as me. Yeah, really. I saw him twice on Friday, one of those times he was with a blonde woman who I didn't even think to recognize as his wife, Diana Krall. New York City apartment buildings are funny in that they can contain roomy little studios for law students like myself along with accomodations for fellows like Mr. Costello.

When will my computer be fixed? If my PC were returned from the dead, I could show you the pictures I took of Jay-Z's new Tribeca home. Or pictures of my zany trip to Ikea, had I taken any.

Best End of the Summer El Verano esta muerto, there's really no denying it. But at least I officially killed the summer by devouring some really great and absurdly affordable sushi with the PR Department. Raw fish, I would've never guessed I'd love you so much. West Side Sushi, I shall return. (Take it as a threat or a promise)

Do You Know What's Awesome? Thisis awesome. When I get the time I'm scouring the whole site--but, for now, it's already clear that Cat Town is better than Homestar. "She is stylish and I think she is also a reporter."

I'm sorry for posting so much non-content tonight. I'll write something smart as soon as I've got something not-dumb to say.


Anonymous said...

i don't know how you can bad-talk Outkast (clearly talented and arguably innovative) but leave an idiot like Usher (arguably talented and clearly derivative) unscathed. He was better when he was white and went by the name "Michael Jackson."

Brig said...

Dear Anonymous,

My bad, I forgot to spend the whole night listing every last thing that was awful about last night's show. I had completely forgotten that it started with Usher taking a shower, and it sucked. Outkast: arguabley innovative, definitely unlistenable.

JenGurn said...

I really want to like Elvis Costello, but the only song of his I like (that I've heard) is "Pump It Up," which I'd be tempted to always sing in the hallways if I lived in the same building. Any recommendations of other songs?

Anonymous said...

Dear Brig,

To quote the criminally underappreciated Who, "you are forgiven."