Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Best Example of Me Making a Bad Decision

Last night I was at the park with numerous friends, including the famous Young Sisters (Patricia, Laura, Stephanie [and their friend Leslie who is visiting]). We got hungry, I decided to buy some food from the Columbus Circle Whole Foods to take home. They decided I was lame and headed to Cafe Habana. This is the email I got from Patricia this morning to show me what I get for my lameness:

"..after Whole Foods we try the cuban place again, didn't mind waiting. stephanie and laura use the restroom, pass all booths. wait outside again. stephanie stands near window, dazed, listening to headphones, exclaims, "look!" we peer in the window. mary-kate, ashley, boyfriend. get seated two booths away. laura gets a picture with them, they look over at our booth. waitress asks us to move to another booth ... closer to them. people in between leave, we have clear view. we are fans. and the food was excellent."

It's not like I belong to any sort of Mary-Kate and Ashley fanclub, but I'm hearing a lot of "You go to NYU, have you seen the Olsen twins?" these days. Now I can say, "No, I haven't seen them, but I did turn down an opportunity to have dinner with them." It's more or less true.

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