Monday, August 02, 2004

Best Post on Someone Else's Blog that I Haven't Completely Read Yet

I'm a marginal Donnie Darko devotee--I've only seen it once, I watched it in two sittings, but it was pretty good stuff, if I remember correctly. And I just remembered a Donnie Darko party that I didn't make it out to. So I suppose I've almost seen Donnie Darko twice. Anyway, over at Ultragrrrl, there's a great looking post about all the music in the film and how it relates to the rest of the film--I think. I've only looked the post over briefly (I am on vacation, afterall), but it looks good. So, if you're looking for internet satisfaction, I recommend you read the post and then look through the rest of what Sarah has written. Perhaps you will find that I'm not so original afterall.

Brief Utah Report: My flight from JFK took off an hour late. I flew Jet Blue, which gets DirectTV at every seat, so you know what that means--five straight hours of the Superfriends for me. So far this visit has been an exercise in coincidence--lots of non-Utahns happen to be here along with me. I've practically seen more east-coast friends out here (The PR Department, the Angel of Christopher Street, Keri Who Has No Internet Name) than Utah folk (Andrew, Marsha, Emily, Heather.) I won a savage game of checkers tonight. Deseret never sleeps, yo.

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