Monday, August 16, 2004

Best Return from the Dead

I was just taking a break from the madness of the week before school starts (trust me, this week is mad, nothing but job interviews and related functions) by putting the numbers of my nearest and dearest into my new cell phone when I thought: "Why am I taking a break from the madness of the week before school starts by putting numbers into my new phone when I could be resurrecting Steady Mobbin'?" (Especially since I just discovered that I DO have internet in my apartment.)

And so here we are, I am back to the bloggin' and hope to keep it as obsessively well-groomed and updated this school year as I did through the summer. But here's some stuff you needs to know:

1) My PC laptop, which I hate, is currently dead. Steady Mobbin' now lives on my PowerBook (which I love), but Blogger software for the Mac seriously lacks, so expect my posts for the next while to be significantly less pretty.

2) My PC laptop, which I hate, and is currently dead also contained many baby blogspot posts waiting to be released to the world. Those posts are now dead. Those ideas will probably never see the light of the computer screen. So, if you were hoping to read about when Jared Clark or Dan Lemmon came to New York, or were expecting a thorough account of my SLC adventure, sorry, doesn't look like it's going to happen.

3) There doesn't seem to be an easy way to get photos onto my blog when I'm on my Mac, so that means there won't be pictures for a while--I suppose this is a footnote to item 1, really.

And there, as I said, we are. Steady Mobbin' is back. It's legs may be shakey, it's heart may be broken, it's very soul may be wretched, and it's face certainly might not be as pretty, but all that is better than nothing.

Things You Can Expect to Read About Very Soon:

1) A startling discovery of pre-20th century cleverness.
2) A meticulous assessment of the total madness of the International Underground Garage Rock Festival.

Things You May Be Able to Read About Very Soon:

1) The story of moving into my new apartment and social functions held therein since then.
2) Lisa from High School's efforts to help me get over my fear of nightlife.
3) The Steady Mobbin' Summer Round Up

Things You Can Read About Right Now:

1) Since my apartment internet access doesn't hide out behind a firewall like my old NYU place, I've discovered I'm free to, uhm, borrow music again and today I downloaded the new Interpol album (Antics). The word? So great. Perhaps better than Turn on the Bright Lights, but I've only listened to it once so far. Up to this point it seems that the standout tracks are those with one name ("Evil", "Narc", and the brilliant "C'mere") but who knows what further listens will hold? (It did take me a half-dozen visits to "Turn on the Bright Lights" before I realized it was among the best records one can listen to, especially at night--no, only at night.)

2) In Sports, what hubris to think Michael Phelps could win 8 golds. This isn't the 70s, other countries have swimming pools now. The Word on Olympic Swimming right now from me? Needs more world records. But that 100 breast race last night was something else. Looking at times, if I were from Nepal, I could've gone to the Olympics. Blah, blah, blah.

3) Celebrities still infest New York City, but apparently only east of Broadway. Recent sightings: Harmony Korine walking down 4th Street (I guess that's a loose definition of celebrity there), Al Sharpton riding by in his limousine near Bowery (License Plate: Alpine71), and Nicole Richie shopping at Clientele on Lafayette (doesn't beat the time I saw Robin Williams dressed as "cool dad" with his son there).

4) Remember when, in the first paragraph, I was talking about my "new phone"? That's because I have a new phone and a new number (A 917, at last. That 801 was getting tiresome). My old number still has a few weeks of life left, but if we talk, we should talk, so that you can get my new number . . . or maybe I'll just send out one of those mass "I've got a new number" emails and post it on Friendster, too. Friendster, is that still around?

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