Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Best Reason to Keep Paying for Basic Cable

Two more seasons of Chappelle's Show. Insert token Chappelle quote here.

Brief Utah Report pt. II: I have dined on fine salmon in Logan with the Berthrong family and made as many Provo visits as I could in one night (meaning as many visits to people in Provo as I could, not as many visits to Provo as I could). Now that it's my last day, I'm just going to read. Because this is a vacation. And then I'm going to spend the night flying to New York, probably watching Superfriends for most of the trip, because one thing I don't know about is how to sleep on planes.

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Anonymous said...

Wanna sleep on the plane - drink a bottle of kiddie cold medicine. That stuff has got my sister (and little Jonathan jumping bean) round the world on one more than one occasion!

Happy flying!