Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Best Wedding Pre-Partying

Last weekend I caught a plane at EWR and ran out to SFO for my cousin Katharine's wedding.

I arrived nice and late.

The next morning the family gathered and headed to breakfast in Berkeley.

And then visited the Berkeley Rose Garden.

Returning to our hotel, a walk around the marina.

I brought my swimsuit but never got in the pool.

In the afternoon, a trip to downtown SF.

Into the Ferry Building.

Learned that my Aunt Louise is crazy for oysters.  And guess what?  I eat them too! So we risked spoiling our supper with a little oyster party.

Walked by that one big fountain/statue.

Went into that one hotel,

They had an exhibit on Alcatraz in there.

Walking over to dinner

At the venerable Tadich Grill.

And now, a first glimpse of the bride from our late night trip to Yogurtland.  I guess this was her bachelorette party?  I was honored to be invited.

My sisters make the same quiet-laugh face when they quietly laugh.

Next: An Oakland Wedding!


MJP said...

So sorry we missed you last weekend. Nice to see you you found so many great spots to visit.

bex said...

Wait. I don't think you're allowed to come to SF without even telling me!

sarah said...

I love the family gathering event in the hotel hallway.

Kristen said...

Oh good. You have your swim suit. We get to use the neighbor's pool while they are away this week.