Monday, June 17, 2013

Best Oh Dang It

Yesterday was Bloomsday.  It snuck right up me and right past me.  In fact, I knew it was coming and that's why I'd been reading this great James Joyce biography that I got for my birthday.

What a nice touch that June 16th fell on Father's Day this year, what with Ulysses being (among a lot of other things) a tale of a son in search of a father and a father in search of a son.

Anyway, so far the above mentioned and illustrated biography has been very good.  I read the "definitive" Joyce biography by Richard Ellman a number of years ago.  It was extensive and detailed but very academic.  This one has a lot more personality and also reflects a bunch of stuff discovered about Joyce since that old bio came out in 1959.  But it also makes  me wish I had brought all my other Joyce books on my trip to mark up with all my new Joyce learning.  In fact, I sit in the SLC library with a Ulysses and a Finnegans Wake I pulled from the shelves for a little crossreferencing at this very moment.

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