Monday, June 03, 2013

Best Long Live 2005

In 2005 (and 2006, but there's just something about "2005") I went to a lot of concerts.  A lot.  Just concerts all the time, it seemed.  These days I go to shows very, very rarely.  Every three months, maybe?  But Saturday night I did it old school: two totally different shows in totally different boroughs.

First, I saw The Girls with the Jones Street Station Band at Le Poisson Rouge.  The thing about the Girls is they sing covers.  The thing about Jones Street Station is they play that twangy Americana that everyone loves (now).  The other thing about the Girls is they're all actresses, the most famous of which being Alison Brie, from Community and Mad Men.

For their encore they sang "Get Lucky."  So here's a video of most of that:

Now here's a coincidence:  on my way to the Girls show I saw Donald Glover, also from Community, hanging out on a corner in Soho, just talking with people and stuff.

After The Girls I had a spot on tostada de tinga from a new taqueria in the Village, "Mocajete Taqueria."

Then I got the L over to Brooklyn and saw Ringo Deathstarr at Public Assembly.  They're a  loud, heavy shoegazy band from Austin.

Thought I'd include video of them to illustrate the opposite ends of my "Music I Like" spectrum.

Front row got a little too crazy for me, retreated to the back like a grown up.  A grown up trying to protect his elbowless arm.

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mjp said...

I didn't even know "shoegazy" was a thing. Didn't sound like I thought it would. Glad I know. The Girls--just as advertised.