Thursday, June 13, 2013

Best and This Was the Wedding

And then, the next day, it was Saturday.  And Saturday was Katharine's wedding.  She was married at the Oakland Temple.  I hadn't been there since my Uncle Frank's wedding back in the last century.  The last millennium, really.

After the wedding, a bit of waiting.  I stole other people's wedding memories.

And admired the grounds.

Cousins Stuart, Scotty and Uncle Frank.

My sisters and me.  I am making a silly smile, it's an inside joke.  You have to be inside this photo to get the joke.

My aunt Afton and her sister Claire.  Waiting by the door because any second now Katharine and Brian are about to come out.

And here they are!

Got it!

Bride and brothers.

Family.  We did take plenty of those pictures where everyone is on the steps but I didn't get any of those pictures because I WAS IN THEM.

Katharine and Grandma (This is a picture my mom took.  This post is full of pictures that my mom took.)

Or pictures that were taken on my mom's camera.

I am making awkward smile because the wedding photographer told me to stay in these photos of just Katharine and Brian and I didn't know why I was still needed and if I was really needed.  So that's why I'm awkward smile.

I liked this sign.  And I liked all the girls having their pictures taken for their quinceñera's on the temple grounds.

As photo-time wound down, we went up onto the temple terrace.

Admired the view and the grounds.

Then we went to this famous Berkeley hotel for a celebratory wedding lunch.

I had the "beef."

Didn't take many pictures, but here's the scene after we were done.

Later the remaining members of the family would all go to see Fast and the Furious 6 together.

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Ryan said...

The view from the terrace level is nice during the day, but in the evening - best.