Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Best Cars and Cars and Cars

So after conquering the national parks I was in LA for a while.  One thing I did while I was there was visit the Nethercutt Collection in Sylmar.  It's this museum of beautiful old (and new.  but mostly old) cars that collected by this Nethercutt fellow who founded a make up company I wasn't familiar with (Merle Norman Cosmetics?)

The Nethercutt Collection is free, but if you RSVP ahead of time you can take a tour of the more-special collection and see more fine automobiles along with all of Mr. Nethercutt's self-playing musical machines.

Filing into the special collection with all the LA car fans.

Self-playing violins!

Grandma found a 56 Porsche just like she and Grandpa had. Exact same color and everything.

Up to the second floor to Nethercutt's grandest showroom.

Modeled after the car showrooms of yesteryear.

A real-deal authentic original Duesenberg.


Sketchy business.

I was down with how they used to buckle on their rear-view mirrors.

Up on the mezzanine, a view of the employee cafeteria.

A collection of car-related curios.

And hood ornaments like crazy. More hood ornaments than I could believe.

I'm sparing you a whole post of hood ornaments but, check it out, the Bentley B flying in both directions.

Then finally up to the topfloor where the most musical instruments were, including this astounding Wurlitzer that played us a rousing concert on its own.

Carpet pattern.

Dining room off the music room for entertaining every Friday night (back in the glory days).

Just chillin'.

A portion of pipes unveiled for the concert.

Post-Nethercutt, there was only one way one could possibly celebrate: At Twohey's.

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sarah said...

I love the '55 Austin-Healey.