Thursday, June 06, 2013

Best Merrie Romp

I just read this British book from the 50s called Lucky Jim. I did not read the edition pictured above, but if you ever see a copy that looks like that one please let me know where to find it. Lucky Jim tells of the misadventures of James Dixon, a fellow who seems pretty fed up with his position teaching at a nameless school (college? University? What do they call it over there?) in the middle of the English nowhere. In between great big books about nothing it was quite nice to read a humorous book with definite characters and a definite plot consisting of a definite beginning, middle and end.  I highly recommend it to anyone that would like to spend some time imagining a lighthearted PBS mini-series (which I guess it already has been) full of tweed, exaggerated facial expressions, and out of circulation English slang.


sarah said...

This is just up my alley.

Marcilyn said...

I love that book! I read it for an English class my sophomore year at byu. It's so very British.