Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Best We Did It! We Totally Survived! the Prequel

Let's turn back the clock to a simpler time, a time called Monday morning when I headed out to look at my neighborhood time before the storm wrecked it (except it didn't).  You have to remember these photos were taken at a time that the city was gripped with fear and apprehension where we were just waiting to find out if we were all going to die or not.

First thing I found?  German tourists.  Because nothing can stop German tourists from visiting Little Italy.

Here's the restaurant I live on top of.

It's usually hard to tell if its been hit by a hurricane or not as is.

Restaurant across the street.  Everyone was totally x-ing themselves out.

Open in the neighborhood: The Chinese supermarket.

And all the Chinese fish markets.  

Community members making sure everything was neat and tidy before Sandy showed up for her visit.

Oh good.  My money's safe.

Open: souvenir stores.  Because if the German tourists are going to be out, they better be able to get some souvenirs.

I swear I heard that they shutdown all the Subways Sunday night? 

This 7-11 was doing brisk business.  Including from me.

If there's going to be a hurricane you better make darn sure your iPhone has got a good case on it.

Most interesting Sandy-prep I saw: All the cars had been lowered from the car stackers.

All in all, you could definitely say that New York was ready to party with Sandy.

Back at home I ate my 7-11 spoils.  I'm still trying to figure out if I loved my $1 sausage biscuit or was grossed out by it.  Which I guess is how I could describe a lot of what I eat.

Something that I know I liked: My loose interpretation of Mission Chinese Food's Thrice Cooked Bacon and Rice Cakes, which I cooked using a comic strip as a recipe.  Let me tell you something: I'm proud of myself for having cooked this.  I'm proud of myself for having used a cartoon as a recipe and making it with what I had around the house.  I'm going to keep making this and adding more ingredients and it's going to become a meal that I try to serve you when you come over.

Anyway, I cooked that for dinner at 6 or so and just kept kicking it around the house, listening to the wind and rain, happy as a clam.

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