Thursday, October 25, 2012

Best Back to Momofuku

Like I said a post or two ago, Jeff was in town from Nashville this week.  He said he wanted to go to Momofuku.  I said ok.  But with enthusiasm.  It feel like I don't get over there as often as I used to ("used to" = three times a week?) and arrived happy to find lots of new things to try on the menu.

We tried the striped bass from the raw bar.  Not much was left by the time I took this picture.

A plate of Benton's Smokey Mountain Ham.

Pork Buns, of course.

The Kimchi Apple Salad is in season once more, this year with the most generous servings of jowl bacon I've ever seen it served with.

New! A Pulled-Goat Sandwich.  Perhap's Jeff's favorite dish of the night?

New!  Crispy Pig Ear Ssam.  Perhaps my favorite new dish of the night?

Market Greens with XO Sauce.  Tonight's market green?  Bok Choi.  So this preparation was new to me.

Pork Shoulder Steak with Blue Cheese, Grapes, and Shishito Peppers.  A new preparation of a menu staple, I'd actually had this once before a month ago with Quentin.  I think it's my favorite version of the shoulder steak yet?

New!  Grilled Dog Fish with Pistachio.  The bark of ordering "dog fish" is bigger than the bite of dog fish.  Meaning it's quite mild.

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