Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Best We Did It, We Surived! pt. 2: a Hike and Highlights

. . . so when last we spoke us poor downtowners were on our way up to Alpha's house.  Let me just tell you it was a wonderland up in that apartment, and I'm not even saying that because Alpha is watching me type this right now.  It reall was great!  There was food and games and TV and everything!

Look at this stew!  Perfect storm recovery food.

But we went back home to Little Italy for the night.  Woke up without power and this morning I wasn't as into it as yesterday.  And also I realized I had left my iPhone cord at Alpha's.  So at least that gave me an activity for the day: Getting back to Alpha's.  I decided I'd walk it and take in some of the major storm sights.

At our building: Safety in action.

Stepped out of my house and was immediately reminded that today is Halloween.  The spirit of the holiday cannot be kept down in this town.

South side of University Village: Big toppled tree.  Really big, totally toppled.

In the West Village: the Road Warriors have taken over.

Another properly toppled tree.

And here's one of the storm's most famous victims: the whole front of this apartment building on 8th Ave.

To me, the strangest thing: All the apartments are painted the same color?

Across the street?  A community charging station.

At the Chelsea Bareburger, free food for all!  

When I got to the head of the line they were all out of burgers, but you know what?  It's an emergency. I'm happy to settle on a chicken.

Getting up to midtown, a proper view of the One 57th crane accident.  Wowzers.  It's really just dangling.

Wait . . . is the Met behind this whole storm?  Was it just to promote their new production?

Once again, back to the Upper West Side where everyone's just eating their chocolate covered waffles like nothing even happened.

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