Monday, October 22, 2012

Best Astoria Afternoon

Here is some basic data to start this post off with: Tennessee Jeff is in town.  So Saturday morning we called up Gabe and headed out to Astoria, just to adventure around a little on our Saturday.

I wanted to go to this one taco place on Broadway that I really like but haven't been to since 2008, but wasn't open yet when we got there at 1:30.  So we walked down Broadway to . . . 

. . . some sculpture garden?

And saw sculptures there

Like this one, covered in birdseed. 

And this one, all burnt wood.

And this one, a floating bubble Buddha.

Or a floating boatload of pennies

Or directions to other New York City sculptures.

One with chains and kids climbing all over it

And then a few more

I found this cob of corn.  I didn't know what to do with it.  So I took its picture and left it.

Even after our time out at the Sculpture Garden the taco place was still closed.  Sheesh.  So we got pizza and walked back to Manhattan.

. . . via the Queensborough bridge.

Wow, this is like a casestudy example of three point perspective.  I bet you thought this was a High School drawing assignment and not a photograph.

The tram.

The bridge.

The tram.

You know what's at the end of the bridge, under the bridge?  A grocery store.

Which is a good place to take a seat and reflect on your walk.

Back home we went.

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