Thursday, October 28, 2010

UPDATED! Worst thing About Going to Work this Morning

Only having time to watch two minutes of S05E01 before I leave.

UPDATE! So now I've watched it. And I'd say a lot more, but I've unexpected events I'm dealing with, in a way (see soon to be posted post that will be right above this one). But this I can say: I watched this episode wondering where this season would take me as all our old youngsters are gone (or about to be gone) and now it is time to love Luke and Vince and Tinker like we've been loving them for a hundred seasons and learn to accept the "new" new characters (while we're actually quite busy accepting last season's new characters.) Still, there is a football game in this episode and, darn it, it made me feel the ol' FNL magic. With all the changes of the past two seasons and the almost completely new cast it's like this is a completely different show now, starring Eric and Tammy Taylor. And I'm curious to see what this new Eric and Tammy show turns out to be all about.

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