Sunday, October 03, 2010

Best Theatrical Spectacular

(This post has been updated to get a few of the facts right)

Here's the thing, I've never seen Saturday's Warrior. And by "never seen Saturday's Warrior" I mean I've only seen it once, when my stake put it on during High School. All I remember about that was that the Naperville kids who starred in it all dyed their hair the same shade of blonde so they'd look more like siblings and that I heard someone behind me whisper "Is that supposed to be Jesus?" when bearded Brother John Young came onto the stage during the pre-existence scene. But I never watched the original, I don't know any of the songs, I have no Saturday's Warrior connection.

That said, you NEED to be at this just like I NEED to be at this.  Why?  Because, like the poster says, this production of Saturday's Warrior comes from the mind of Ryan Simmons:

Who's Ryan Simmons?  Well, he's the guy who put on the best one-man Fourth of July celebration ever (above) and the man behind the second best Lingo of all time (below):

Tickets are on sale until Friday night.  Buy one, but please.  Leave one for me.  Check it out.

Also: This new and "improved" blogger software they made is hard to work with.
Also Also: What was the first best Lingo of all time?  Mine. 


sarah said...

I missed the Naperville production. I'm not counting that as a loss.

Anonymous said...

The promotional posted is so full of win that my head is about to explode. Phenomenal.