Friday, October 08, 2010

Best Procession of Dear and Wonderful People

Over the past couple weeks (meaning exactly two, literally) all sorts of fine people have shown up in New York.  Look!  I'll show you.

Two weekends ago Kat was in town again, this time with my pal Steve's sister Laura.  It was excellent and may have consisted in at least a little walking.  And a cake ball or two.

That same weekend, holy smokes, Laura from High School was in town to swim a race up the Hudson River (of course).  I hadn't seen Laura in 5 years, turns out she had been mostly in South America that whole time.  She needed me to explain the story of Twilight to her.  It was my pleasure.

Also visiting that weekend: my roommate Nate (background)'s sister Sarah (foreground) along with her friend Cailie (middle).  We watched all of My Monkey is a Baby to help me get over my visitors leaving.

THEN later that week, on Thursday I believe, I had dinner with my friend from growing up Jeremy, who was in town for training for his new fancy job.  When you've known someone for TWENTY FIVE YEARS it's not hard to spend a few hours talking in a Times Square pizza place.  Jeremy's a hard guy to get a not-blury photo of.  If you know him you know how it is.

AND THEN last Sunday my Mom and Dad's pal from medical school/college was in town, mixing things up.  The idea of this picture is that the Statue of Liberty is in the background.  Way back there in the background.

And I guess Momofuku's new BRT bun doesn't count as a person, which is fortunate since I ate mine right up, but meeting it was like making a new friend--an oversized pork bun where the pork belly has been fried (oh goodness) and is served with Radish and Tomato with lots of mayo.  Delicious.

And then, thanks to a strange string of transit choices, I ran into Lexia walking through the Times Square subway station.  And yes, Lexia lives here in New York, but when was the last time anyone saw her?  Hmmm?

And in a few hours: a visit from the dearest and most wonderful people, Mother, Father, and Sister Emily.

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