Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Best Thursday Night Glaswegian Visit

When I bought my Belle and Sebastian tickets back in June I imagined seeing the band on a beautiful early fall evening, clear sky, sun setting in the distance.  But if you remember last week in New York, you'd remember that there was a lot of raining.  A lot of lot of raining.  So, come Thursday, I wasn't imagining a lovely fall evening but fearing another apocalyptic Brooklyn megaburst.  But a meteorological miracle occurred that evening and not a drop of rain fell upon us and barely did the wind pick up at all.  Also, just in case of weather issues, the band took the stage at 8pm.  Let me make a suggestion: weeknight bands should always go on at 8.  You come straight from work, you have a good time, you're home at a reasonable hour.  That's the way to do it.

During the twenty song set the band played a few songs off their new record, and that's cool but I had never heard any of them before, as well as plenty of their "hits" (such as "Step Into My Office Baby", "Piazza, New York Catcher", and "If You Find Yourself Caught in Love"), a couple semi-rarities ("The Loneliness of a Middle Distance Runner" and "We Rule the School") and ended it with a "Me and the Major"/"Get Me Away from Here I'm Dying" encore (the latter I had never heard live before, perhaps I'd never heard the former either, but not as noteworthy a number to me.)

Stuart threw autographed footballs into the crowd for the children in attendance.
Good job on the audio and the lens flare, little Canon point and shoot.

Stuart invited these people on stage to clap and then to dance.  None of them had anything on Mitch, that time she was invited on stage to dance with the band in 2006.  Remember that?  But afterwards Stuart gave everyone a medal, everyone except the tall guy.  Stuart said he ran out but probably tall guy wanted it to bad/just wasn't chill enough for a medal.

Some advice: Invest in some nice concert-watching Williamsburg real estate.

My view wasn't always perfect, but it's not often a 6'3" guy gets to complain about that.

Behind me: Mysterious-looking Manhattan and, somewhere in the crowd, Carol.  And Tracy.  And who knows who else?

The band played for nearly two hours but when they called it a night I was like, "That's it?  You were just getting started."  So good job, fellows.  Not everyone can play two hours and leave a crowd wanting more. 

I did not get there in time for openers Teenage Fanclub, but they probably would have been cool to see. 

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